• 2014-08-25 — 2014-12-10
  • Tues & Thurs 5:00pm - 6:15pm
  • IGME-585
  • Orange Hall (ORN)-1380
  • remydcsi@rit.edu


Week 1 - Class 2


  1. ROC.py

    • Class on 2/18 is Cancelled because
    • we'll be going to the ROC.py Meetup!
    • Sign-up on the Meetup Page
    • Meet in the back of "S" lot (behind the moat) at 6:10. Caravan leaves by 6:20pm (We are leaving earlier to compensate for the winter weather.)
    • The HFOSS Class will be joining us!
  2. RideBoard - In Class Exercise

  3. Assignmentery

    • First flight was due! If you dind't finish this yet, you need to email me ASAP!

    Project Proposals

      • Title of Hack
      • Short Description of Hack
      • Software Libraries Needed (e.g. python packages, npm, ruby gems, etc...)
      • Upstream Distribution Repository (e.g. pypi.python.org)
      • Open Hardware Needed (list kit compenents used, any extra components you may need, if they are on on hand, or when they will be.)
      • Team Members (If Applicable. With Roles. Non-RIT Contact Email address required.)
      • Upstream Mentors - Name/Contact/Role (be sure to ASK THEM FIRST)
      • Project Milestones (REMEMBER You only have 2 weeks of development!)
      • Anticipated License (Must be OSI approved, and compatible with the license(s) other libraries listed above.)
      • Any other details I should know?
      • Post this proposal to your development blog, and add the url to your .yaml file with the entry hackpropX where X is the number of the proposal (e.g. 1, 2, or 3), and then send a pull request.